Our Quality and Environment-Policies

INDUSTRIAS QUÍMICAS GOMIS, SL located in the Industrial area (estate) of Xirivella (Valencia), is a company dedicated to the development, formulation, manufacturing and marketing of cleaning products, detergents, textile dyes and biocides, more than 50 years.


The satisfaction of our customers is the basic priority of the company, why we work for:

• Ensure compliance with your requirements. (To guarantee the fulfillment of his requirements)

• Development and innovation of new products

• Maintain a high collaboration and relationship with customers (To support )

• Improve delivery times and the overall quality of the products (To improve in the delivery times and in the global quality of the products)


INDUSTRIAS QUÍMICAS GOMIS, SL is committed to minimize the impacts produced by our activity, managing properly the waste generated during the production process and optimizing the consumption of raw materials, involving all the staff of the company. Always maintaining a constant commitment to the protection and respect for the environment and the prevention of pollution and compliance with legislation.


For this reason, INDUSTRIAS QUÍMICAS GOMIS, SL bet (commitment) to participation, awareness-raising and training of workers as an essential part of the management system and he considers the good working environment as the fundamental key for continuous improvement.

To achieve these goals it is committed to the design and maintenance of a set of quality management system and environment according to the rules ISO 9001:2008and ISO 14001:2004 that guarantee the continuous improvement of their activities, as well as comply with legal and regulatory requirements.


This policy is transmitted to all staff through publication in the bulletin boards of plant and It will be reviewed periodically.


Based on the above, Mss Carmen Ulmer Gomis, as Managing director of INDUSTRIAS QUÍMICAS GOMIS,SL assumes the highest responsibility in matters of quality and environment, responsible for ensuring the means for its effectiveness and approves this policy and declares it must be complied with by the staff of the company.